Alice Hamilton Lecture

Alice HamiltonThe Division of Occupational, Environmental, and Climate Medicine sponsors an annual lecture in honor of Dr. Alice Hamilton, the founder of the modern discipline of Occupational Medicine in the US. The lecture is during a Department of Medicine Medical Grand Rounds, reaching a broad audience, including physicians in training, many of whom are rarely otherwise exposed to this topic area.

2025 Alice Hamilton Lecture

Save the Date:  March 11, 2025

Past Alice Hamilton Lectures:

2024 Dr. Robert Cohen (Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine) - Dust in the Lungs, an Ancient Disease Still with Us - What Clinicians Face Today. Watch the lecture on YouTube.

2023 Dr. Kari Nadeau (Harvard School of Public Health) - Climate Medicine and Occupational and Environmental Health. Watch the lecture on YouTube.

2022 Dr. Eric Garshick (Harvard Medical School and the VA Boston Healthcare System) - Respiratory Health after Military Service in Southwest Asia and Afghanistan – Insights for Clinicians. Watch the lecture on YouTube.

2021 David Fishwick (University of Sheffield and the U.K. Health and Safety Executive) - COVID-19 On the Job and Other Current Workplace Health Threats: The View from the U.K.

2020 John Balmes (UCSF) - Inside/Outside: Why an Internist Should Care About Air Pollution

2019 Lynn R. Goldman(George Washington University, Washington DC) - Climate and Health: Hurricane Maria as a Case Study

2018 Rodney Ehrlich (University of Cape Town, South Africa) - Mineworkers’ Health in South Africa – the Perfect Storm of Dust, Tuberculosis and HIV

2017 Marc Schenker (UC Davis) and Xóchitl Castañeda (UC Berkeley) - The Occupational Health of Immigrant Workers: What an Internist Needs to Know

2016 Paul Cullinan (Imperial College, London) - From Baker’s Asthma to Machinist’s Lung

2015 Caroline Tanner and Samuel M. Goldman (UCSF) – Parkinsonism at Work and in the Environment

2014 Jonathan Samet (USC) – The Risks of Breathing: Workplace & Environmental Threats to Lung Health

2013 Talmadge King (UCSF) – Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis: A Paradigm of Occupational and Environmental Disease

2012 Kjell Toren (Gothenburg, Sweden) – Pneumonia and Occupation: A New Paradigm for Investigating the Work-relatedness of Disease

2011 Kay Kreiss (NIOSH, West Virginia) – Investigating Emerging Work-Related Diseases

2010 Benoit Nemery (Leuven, Belgium) – Outbreaks of Occupational Disease: Form the Clinic to the Factory Floor and the Laboratory

2009 Josep Anto (Barcelona, Spain) – Unusual Environmental Disease Episodes: From Causation to Precaution

2008 David Schwartz (NIEHS, North Carolina) – Genes and the Environment: What’s in it for the Internist?

2007 David Christiani (Harvard) – Byssinosis in the 21st Century

2006 Brian Schwartz (Johns Hopkins) – Chronic Occupational Disease: Evidence-Based Diagnosis

2005 Peter Spencer (University of Oregon) – Neurotoxins: New Approaches to Old Problems

2004 Gina Solomon (NRDC, San Francisco) – Why Should an Internist Care about Environmental Disease?

2003 Joel Kaufman (University of Washington) – Emerging Occupational and Environmental Disease

2002 Carrie Redlich (Yale University) – Why Internists Should Care about Occupational Disease

2001 No lecture

2000 Lee Newman (University of Colorado) – Occupational Causes of “Idiopathic” Conditions: Lessons for the Internist

1999 Patricia Buffler (UC Berkeley) – What Providers Need to Know about Occupational Health

1998 Howard Kipen (RWJ-Rutgers) – Gulf War and Related Health Syndromes: Unexplained Symptoms and Unknown Exposures

1997 Howard Hu (Harvard) – Lead Poisoning: A New Look at an Old Disease

1996 Susanna Von Essen (University of Nebraska) – Overview of Farm Health and Safety

1995 Mark Cullen (Yale University) – Occupational Medicine: Why It should Matter to an Internist

1994 Margot Becklake (McGill, Montreal) – Diseases of Life versus Diseases of Work

1993 Inaugural Alice Hamilton Lecture given by Philip Landrigan (Mt. Sinai, New York)